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2009 Awards

The 2009 Nevada Library Association Conference, “ Responding to the Challenge: Beyond All Limits” , was recently held in Elko, Nevada. At the President’s Dinner, on October 9, 2009, this year’s President, Jeanette Hammons, recognized the following individuals who received this year’s Nevada Library Association Awards:

LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR: Tom Fay, Henderson District Public Libraries

Tom received this award for many reasons. Currently he is the Executive Director of the Henderson District Public Library System. He worked his way “up the ladder”. He started out as a library page and has seen every level of library service, from shelver to IT Manager to Library Director. He worked for the Nevada State Library Archives and worked on automating rural libraries throughout the state. He is knowledgeable about all aspects of the library field.

Tom has always seen the big picture and has never just focused on the library where he worked. He does whatever he can to help libraries across the state. This includes donating books; computers and his staff. He has and continues to participate in mentoring programs. He has testified in front of many legislative committees for libraries and also travels to Washington, D.C. on behalf of the State of Nevada to speak to legislators during National Library Legislative Day. His advocacy ensures that we keep such important Nevada State budget line items like Collection Development and Statewide Database money.

Tom has been actively involved in the Nevada Library Association for many years. He served as President in 2002, where he ensured that NLA’s funds were invested well for the first time so that the organization might have revenue for many years to come.

Tom has the compassion, integrity and vision of a true leader. He demonstrates this every day. Nevada is fortunate to have him as one of their own. For these reasons, and many more, Tom Fay was awarded the “Librarian of the Year” Award.

DOROTHY MCALINDEN AWARD Pam Peterson, Nevada State Library and Archives

Pam received this award because she was the firm foundation on which the Technical Services section of the Nevada State Library and Archives ( NSLA) relied for 37 years. Pam started with the State Library in the 1970s when the Nevada Center for Cooperative Library Services ( NCCLS) was built. She was a part of every “new and improved” catalog for many years. Her ability to retrain with these shifts and to continue to work at her high level of excellence was appreciated by many different administrators.

Pam’s solid and dependable nature was a major asset to NSLA. She could work her way around the catalog and the shelves to find the elusive title when others were at a loss to locate the item. The very special aspect of Pam’s tenure was that she just worked through change and came out with a renewed determination to accomplish high-quality work.

During her tenure at NSLA, Pam married and raised her children and now her grandchildren. With her retirement, NSLA lost one of the finest and most capable individuals who ever worked for them.

SPECIAL CITATION: Stephen Rice, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

Steve received this award for his leadership role as the General Services Director of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District and specifically for his role in building the new Centennial Hills Library. This branch, which opened in January 2009, is the district’s first “Green Library”. It was designed using sustainability strategies which reduced the environmental consequences associated with construction, operations and maintenance. Some of the “green “ strategies involved with this building include the use of energy-efficient technologies for electric, heating, cooling and lighting which will provide environmental benefits now and into the future. This is a job well-done which will benefit countless people: patrons, employees and the community as a whole for many, many years to come.

PRESIDENT'S AWARD: Denise Gerdes, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

Denise was given this award for all of the excellent work that she did as the 2008 President of the Nevada Library Association. During her tenure, she continually worked to promote the causes and ideals of the Nevada Library Association throughout the entire state of Nevada.