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Nevada Library Association Handbook

Board of Trustees
Executive Officers




For a time prior to 1971, the president served a two-year term which ultimately meant a six-year involvement as an executive officer of the Nevada Library Association. The reorganization, which took place early in the 1970's, changed the terms of president-elect, president and past-president to the present one-year term. Most presidents have served before and after their term in various other positions within the association and Nevada libraries, with one president having served two terms a decade apart.

The President provides leadership in conducting the Association’s business and is the official spokesperson of the Association.

Presidents of NLA

Travel and per diem


President's program costs

Copying expenses

President's Reception if appropriate to conference plans

Telephone expenses

Cost of midwinter board meeting, which may include a
catered lunch for the board


2. The president works with the finance committee prior to the January board of trustees meeting to create a budget for the association which is then presented at the midwinter board of trustees meeting by the chairperson of the finance committee. The budget is reviewed and approved by the board.
1. The president appoints NLA members in good standing, with the approval of the board of trustees, to the following offices and committees:

Editor (the president solicits a recommendation from the publications committee to fill this position)

Annual Meeting

Library Planning




Personnel Development

Finance Publications

Government Relations

Intellectual Freedom

Publicity Awards

Young Readers' Award  

National Library Week

2. The president appoints NLA members in good standing, with the approval of the board of trustees to any special committees.


Revised at the 10/8/10 Board Meeting