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Save the Date! Nevada Legislature Library Day is April 13, 2011

What we are asking, explicitly that the legislators request that the library budget be re-opened as funds become available from the General Ledger, presumably during the last few days of the session.

There are three items in the library budget that are currently budgeted at the 2012-13 level, a level that is inadequate to meet today’s needs since it represents a precipitous reduction in funding from the 2006-07 level. In fact, for the collection development line item, the amount represents a 79% reduction in funding since the 2010-11 biennium. More numbers are displayed in the handout from the Library Association and Daphne DeLeon, our state librarian,is available to give Assemblyman Kirner additional information.

  1. Briefly, we are asking that $200,000 for the biennium be added to the current requested funding for Collection Development of $270,452. This line item is one that goes out to all our libraries based on population, and for smaller rural libraries, these funds are a vital component of their book and materials budget.
  2. Additionally we are asking for $50,000 for the biennium to be added to the current requested funding of $185,906. Again, these funds help keep bookmobiles on the road in some of Nevada’s most isolated and library-needy areas.
  3. The third budget request is that $200,000 be added to the database funding, currently requested at $420,912. Library databases differ significantly from websites as they get their information from professionals or experts in the field, contain published works where facts are checked, are updated frequently and include the date of publication. This amount will help libraries remain a vital source for these electronic resources as Nevada libraries struggle to give our population access.

Download the NLA Legislative Day One Sheet. It has a number of great facts and figures to give to your representatives.

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