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NLA Lobbying Plan


Why Lobby?


Action Plan

  1. Define Goals and Objectives --
    Identify desired outcomes.
  2. Identify barriers, strengths, and relationships to cultivate
  3. Coordinate activities among agencies/organizations
  4. Develop a communications system
    Define key message. Summarize key points in clear, concise terms. Identify key people and committee. Deliver your message to them repeatedly.
  5. Build coalitions
    Identify groups of potential supporters. Implement outreach programs.
  6. Develop a timetable with tasks and assignments
    Educate advocates and decision makers. Support "Library Day in the Legislature." Contact your legislator and arrange to meet. Socialize with key decision makers. Track relevant legislation and activities. Participate in hearings.
  7. Document and evaluate results
    Localize data to show impact.

    Write to your legislators to thank them for their time and support.