Snapshot Day Instructions and Forms

1. Before the Shoot

- View the 20 Ways to Make Your Snapshot Day a Success
- Discuss Snapshot Day with library staff and trustees
- Send a press release to local media about Snapshot Day
- Display & distribute promotional items (flyer) in your library
- Add Snapshot Day graphics and content to your website
- Plan special Snapshot Day events & programs that encourage community participation
- Issue a press release in the days leading up to your event

2. During the Shoot

- Collect statistics as outlined by the Snapshot Day Survey Form.

Submit Statistics Online
Academic Libraries
Public Libraries
School Libraries

Submit a Hard Copy Form
Academic Libraries Stat Form PDF
Public Libraries Stat Form PDF
School Libraries Stat Form PDF

- We have provided a tally form to use to collect some of the stats.
- Encourage visitors to complete a Patron Comment Form
- Photograph patrons engaged in typical library activities
- Participants must complete a Picture/Comment Release Form ( Picture/Comment Release Form in English | Picture/Comment Release Form in Spanish)

3. After the Shoot

- Submit data from the Snapshot Day Survey form online. This year we have created a separate form for Academic Libraries for our colleges and universities.

Online forms to be available soon.

- Submit photos to
- Highlight local Snapshot results in newsletters & publications
- Share results handout with elected officials & decision makers
- Use photos & comments to create custom promotional items
- Establish relationships with your local state legislators

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I begin my Snapshot Day preparations?
A. Several resources to help you get started on our web site. Be sure to check the 20 Ways to Make Your Snapshot Day a Success.

Q. What statistics should I collect on Snapshot Day?
A. View the Snapshot Statistics form for a complete list of statistics.
Public Libraries Stats Form | Academic Libraries Stats Form

Q. Where do I report my Snapshot Day statistics?
A. Beginning April 12 through April 25, you can report your results to the Nevada Library Association through our online form or you can email Joy Gunn

Q. How do I post my Snapshot Day photos?
A. All Snapshot photos will be posted to the Nevada Library Association Flickr Group. Simply email your photos to Please have patrons sign the photo release form. Please note that parents must complete the photo release form prior to posting any pictures or comments from patrons under the age of 17.

Q. When will the statewide Snapshot Day statistics become available?
A. Final statewide statistics will be calculated and reported and may be used by all libraries for promotional and advocacy purposes. A final report will be released by the first week of December.

See all the photos from
NLA Snapshot Day 2015.