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Summer 2019


2019 Conference: Libraries Build Bridges

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MPLA 2020 Leadership Institute

June 7 – 12, 2020; Yavapai College, Prescott, AZ

 Downtown Prescott, AZ. Photo credit -

Apply now!

Mentor Deadline: October 15, 2019

Fellow Deadline: November 15, 2019

Where will your library career be in another five years?  If you see yourself as a leader on the job or within your library association, then this institute will help you to hone the necessary set of skills and increase your insight to leadership aspects from any level.

For the 12th MPLA Leadership Institute, we welcome Mark Puente, Director of Diversity and Leadership Programs at the Association of Research Libraries (ARL).  We also offer this invaluable experience at a new location: Yavapai College, Prescott, AZ campus.

Go to to access more information and application forms.

Direct your questions to Aubrey Madler:

Online Learning…

Nevada State Library and Archives (NSLA) provides access to continuing education, including webinars, on a variety of topics. The NSLA website reminds us “Advances in information technology and expanding library user expectations require continuous education. The statewide continuing education program works collaboratively with Nevada libraries to address the need for continuous library education through planned, coordinated and varied statewide continuing education programs to hone staff expertise, foster professional development, empower library trustees, broaden public awareness and ultimately improve library services.”

NSLA has seats to some amazing online learning provided by InfoPeople and Library Juice.   

Pop on over to or go to the Nevada State Library and Archives >Library>Continuing Education, and see what you can learn—for free!

New Director at DeLaMare…

The following is contributed by Maria Duque-Rueda of the DeLaMare  Science and Engineering Library at UNR.

Starting June 1 Tara Radniecki became the new Director of the DeLaMare Library! As a fellow coworker I wanted to share the news with the NLA community. I had a few questions that she enthusiastically answered:

What is your past experience and since when are you with UNR University Libraries?

I started my career in 2009 at Loyola University Chicago as a dual electronic resources and reference librarian, managing our databases and liaising to the life science and nursing departments. After three and a half years in Chicago I decided to try out west coast living and took a position as the emerging technologies librarian at Loyola Marymount University. I then moved to the mountains where I have found my home at the University of Nevada, Reno where I have been the engineering librarian for the past five years.

How have been these past years as an Engineering Librarian?

Coming to the University of Nevada, Reno and the DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library in particular, gave me such a unique opportunity to grow as a professional and explore a new service area for academic libraries, namely makerspaces. I have gained new skills and knowledge sets that have allowed me and the library in general to be impactful in new ways to the STEM disciplines. It was also my first time as a professional working in a branch library which has allowed me to learn more about the various different service departments, which can be more siloed in larger libraries. I have also loved getting to participate in the vibrant community of the library and its users.

What future technologies do you foresee implemented in Academic Libraries and most importantly, in the future of the DeLaMare Library?

The more I work with cutting edge technologies in libraries, the more I think it’s less about the actual technologies and more about ways we can meet our users where they are and walk with them down the path as collaborators. In the STEM disciplines, but increasingly in others as well, this usually involved technology. I think data management, analysis, and visualization will continue to be areas of growth for academic libraries and DeLaMare in particular. I also think the makerspace will continue to look for new ways to become more integrated into the curriculum in order for disciplines other than engineering to experience the unique opportunities hands-on learning and fabrication can provide. While not technology related, I also see the libraries continuing to champion Open Access through education and providing access and development opportunities.

What would you like to see happening in DeLaMare in the next five years?

I would love to see DeLaMare Library continue to have the same strong sense of community among its users. This is truly a unique place where students, researchers, and library staff communicate and collaborate regularly and I want to make sure whatever changes are made only continue to support that atmosphere.

Thank you, Tara!”

Maria C Duque-Rueda

MPLA Leadership Institute Alumni 2018

DeLaMare Science and Engineering Library

University of Nevada Reno

On The Road with Douglas County Public Library

The Douglas County Public Library is pleased to announce the arrival of their new bookmobile. The “Rolling Reader” will bring the services of the library to all corners of the Carson Valley by visiting schools, parks, community and senior centers, neighborhoods, and special events.

The bookmobile was made possible by the generous contributions of the Douglas County Public Library Foundation, the Rotary Club of Minden, the Smallwood Foundation, and private donors.

(from the DCPL Facebook page)

Churchill Library Shares Catalog with Museum

The Churchill County Library has added the contents of the Churchill County Museum reference collection into the library catalog. The contents of the museum’s reference collection can now be searched alongside the library collection, although museum holdings cannot be checked out

While they serve different roles, the two institutions share similar goals and values. Library Director Carol Lloyd recognized this when she said, “While we have different missions, at our core both institutions are dedicated to providing lifelong learning and resources to the public.”

This project is a unique partnership in Nevada between a county library and county museum, and it could serve as a model for other cooperative endeavors.

           (information retrieved from the Lahontan Valley News website)

Churchill County Library Benefit

The Churchill Library Association is hosting a literary themed food and drink tasting to benefit the Churchill County Library.

2019 Nevada Young Readers Award

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Seeking someone with an interest in Nevada Libraries

After 9 years of producing the quarterly NLA newsletter, this editor is seeking a replacement. It has been a pleasure and an honor to be a part of this organization.

According to the NLA Handbook:

“The editor has the responsibility for the publication of the Nevada Libraries, the official publication of the Nevada Library Association. The editor selects a business manager and whatever other staff s/he feels is necessary to ensure the timely publication of the Nevada Libraries. If the editor resigns, she/he notifies the publications committee chairperson and the NLA president. The outgoing editor and the publications committee submit a nominee for the new editor to the president of NLA for his/her approval.”

If you are interested in the position, please contact either Jeff Scott, current NLA President,