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Nevada Library Association Handbook

Board of Trustees
Appointed Officers & Standing Committees 

Membership Committee 

The membership committee was the only standing committee to be specifically mentioned in the 1946 Nevada Library Association constitution and continues as a standing committee through the present. In the first constitution the president-elect served as chair of the membership committee. The membership committee works closely with the treasurer, Nevada Libraries editor and annual meeting conference chair in getting and providing up-to-date and accurate membership records and information.


  • 1955, Joseph F. Shubert
  • 1956, James Hill
  • 1957, Mrs. Eloyde Tovey
  • 1958, Doris Martinez
  • 1959, Mildred Heyer
  • 1960, Russell Storm
  • 1961, Stanley Adams
  • 1962, Herbert Ueckert
  • 1963, David Heron
  • 1964-1965, Betty Porray
  • 1966-1967, B.J. Mauseth
  • 1968-1969, Elizabeth Johnson
  • 1970-1971, Billie Mae Polson
  • 1972-1973, Jack Gardner
  • 1974-1976, Linda Newman, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 1977, Carolyn Bogan
  • 1978, Charles Hunsberger, Clark County Library District
  • 1979-1980, Dorothy McAlinden, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 1981, Gretchen Billow, Western Nevada Community College
  • 1982, Wilma Barlow, Washoe County School District & Del Betterton, Clark County Library District
  • 1983, Wilma Barlow, Washoe County School District
  • 1984-1985, Merilyn Grosshans, Las Vegas High School
  • 1986, Marge Maples, Washoe County School District
  • 1987, Karen Albrethsen, Northside Elementary, Elko
  • 1988, Gretchen DeRicco, Western Nevada Community College
  • 1989, Valerie Andersen, Gretchen DeRicco, Western Nevada Community College
  • 1990, Tom Mirkovich, Sara Ashworth, Ormsby Public Library
  • 1991, Tom Mirkovich, Ormsby Public Library
  • 1992-1993, Diane Baker, Nevada State Library and Archives
  • 1994, Mercedes Macpherson, Elko County Library
  • 1995, Robb Morss, Sahara West Library, Las Vegas
  • 1996, Laura Golod, Spring Valley Library, Las Vegas
  • 1997-1998, Kiki Freer-Parsons, Lyon County Library
  • 1999, Nancy Forsberg, Washoe County School District
  • 2000-2007, Joyce Cox, Nevada State Library and Archives
  • 2008, Hope Williams, Nevada State Library and Archives
  • 2009-2013, Hope Williams, Nevada State Library and Archives & Kathy Rush, Carson City Library
  • 2014, Sherry Glick, Nevada State Library and Archives
  • 2015, Hope Williams, Nevada State Library and Archives and Christine Timko, Nevada State Library and Archives
  • 2016-2017, Hope Williams, Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records 
  • 2018-Present, Sulin Jones, Nevada State Library

The purpose of the membership committee is to solicit new members for the Nevada Library Association and to encourage current members to renew their membership, and to keep membership records current.

  1. The President of NLA appoints members to the committee by December 31st of the year preceding the year of appointment.
  2. The President supervises the work of the committee in fulfilling its responsibilities.
  3. The chairperson sees to it that a copy of the membership application form is included with the convention packet which is mailed to every member of the library association and libraries on the mailing list available from the Nevada State Library and Archives' administrative office.
  4. The chairperson or his/her designee attends the annual meeting to report on the number of members and the status of any members.
  5. The membership committee is responsible for maintaining the applications form which are reproduced in each issue of the Nevada Libraries.
  6. The membership chairperson is responsible for maintaining the membership database and for supplying membership labels. 
Membership Data Base
  1. Any group of NLA may request lists or mailing labels from the Membership Chair using home or work addresses free of charge for any legitimate NLA activity.
  2. Outside groups or commercial vendors may purchase mailing labels for a fee.


1. Who is eligible for membership?

Membership is open to anyone interested in achieving the purposes of NLA and paying annual dues.

2. When do you join?

The membership year from the time dues are paid.

3. What types of membership are there?

a. Personal membership shall be open to anyone who is interested in achieving the purpose of NLA and pays annual dues. Personal members paying full dues are entitled to all privileges.

b. Lifetime 

c. Institutional memberships shall be open to all libraries which are interested in achieving the purpose of NLA and pay annual institutional dues.

d. Affiliate membership shall be open to members of other state library associations who pay annual affiliate dues. Affiliate members cannot vote or hold elected appointed offices in NLA.

4. What are the privileges of full membership?

a. Eligible to vote on issues and in elections. (Affiliate and institutional members excluded.)

b. Eligible to hold elective and appointed offices. (Affiliate and institutional members excluded.)

c. Membership to one section, one district, and unlimited number of interest groups.

d. Access to NLA scholarships, mentoring groups and annual Conference discounts.

5. When and where do I apply to join NLA?

a. After payment of dues, your membership is for one year from the date of payment. All potential members of NLA will receive membership application forms, dues schedules, convention details, and other descriptive information.

b. Potential members are identified in the most recent edition of the Nevada Library Directory and Statistics.

c. Membership applications will be accepted at the rate specified in the dues schedule below.

6. How do I renew my membership?

a. Dues are due and payable annually based on the date of your previous year's date of payment. If you join by August 31, you are eligible to vote in the NLA election of officers. If you fail to join by or before August 31st, your membership fees will apply for the following year. And you are not eligible to vote in the current calendar year.

b. Current members will be identified by the official membership rolls which are maintained by the membership committee.

7. What do you do about delinquent members?

a. Members who have not renewed their membership by August 31st will not be eligible for membership during that fiscal year, but dues will be credited to membership for the next year.

8. What are the current dues?

a. Annual affiliate dues shall be $25.

b. Annual dues for friends, NYRA only, and trustees membership shall be $20.

c. Annual dues for first year members ONLY shall be $25.00. 

c. Persons employed by a library or related organization (e.g., a school district, university, etc.) will pay an additional fee based on annual salaries, up to $70 per year (see personal dues schedule below).

d. The annual full membership dues entitle persons to join one district, one section, and unlimited interest groups.

e. Institutional dues shall be $70




Under $20,000


$20,001 - $30,000        


$30,001 - $40,000        


$40,001 - $50,000


$50,001 and up


Trustees of public libraries, students and persons not currently employed in a library setting pay the trustee and friends rate of $20 per year. Dues are tax deductible.

Dues may be paid with credit card, cash, check, or money order (make checks or money orders payable to Nevada Library Association.)

NLA full membership dues entitle you to one district, one section, and an unlimited number of interest groups and ensure access to application for NLA scholarships, mentoring groups and annual Conference discounts.

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