Wednesday, October 18
Keynote Speaker

Dale Dougherty, founder and CEO of Make Media and publisher of Make Magazine, is the keynote speaker on Wednesday, October 18. He has been called the “godfather of the Maker movement”, having founded both the magazine and the first Maker Faire in 2006. Dale was instrumental in launching the Maker movement which is reshaping science and technology education and creating unprecedented economic opportunity for young people and a renaissance in urban manufacturing.

Wednesday, 10:30 am - 11:30 am

How to COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere – Wednesday – A-1– 10:30-11:30
Explore how to adapt NPR’s Create Once Publish Everywhere (COPE) model to a library’s website(s) and resources. This presentation covers coping strategies to alleviate the frustration of editing or correcting out-of-date and conflicting content across a variety of online resources.
Roy Degler - roy.degler@okstate.edu – Oklahoma State University

Librarian Unchained: Ditch the Desk and Exceed Customer Service Expectations – Wednesday – A-2 – 10:30-11:30
Join us for a brief presentation about the newly implemented roaming service delivery model at the North Valleys Library where the librarians no longer work at a traditional service desk but instead work side-by-side with their customers leading to more meaningful and exciting user experience. Team members will offer a Q&A panel discussion to answer your questions about the best practices and lessons we learned in overhauling our branch culture and the challenges and positive outcomes of innovating for service delivery with mobile technology.
Jonnica Bowen; Pam Larsen; Bill Kersten, Harriet Clarke - jbowen@washoecounty.us – North Valleys Library

Using Design Thinking Methods to Help Staff Innovate: Innovation and Creativity will Follow – Wednesday – B – 10:30-11:30
Learn how to flip the way library staff approach projects and problem solving through Design Thinking methods in order to boost creativity and innovation. This presentation will briefly outline the topic and share stories from user centered design projects conducted over nearly three years at the MSU Bozeman library.
Kris Johnson - krisjohnson@montana.edu – Montana State University

Early Literacy Programming for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children – Wednesday – C – 10:30-11:30
Bobbie Bushman - bobbie.bushman@unt.edu – University of North Texas

Librarians Deliver on How to Find and Write Grants – Wednesday – D – 10:30-11:30
Grants training doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. Two SD State Library librarians have developed a training that has turned into a roadshow across the state.
Brenda Hemmelman; Kathleen Slocum - Brenda.Hemmelman@state.sd.us – South Dakota State Library

Wednesday, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Basic Conflict Management: A Mini-Workshop – Wednesday – A-1 – 1:30-2:30
This is an interactive mini-workshop on conflict management. Participants will learn about conflict management and practice basic skills.
Dale Savage - dsavage@azlibrary.gov – Arizona State Library

Lightning Round - Wednesday - C - 1:30-2:30

  1. Amplified Impact: Creating an indelible impression on career strategy students.
    Allison Leaming - allison.leaming@asu.edu
  2. Jump in: From STEM TO STREAM Striving to Educate the Whole Student
    Laura Kimberly - road003runner@sbcglobal.net
  3. Mining, Maps, and the Mackay Theses: Digital Scholarly Treasures of Nevada
    Chrissy Klenke – cklenke@unr.edu
  4. Seeing the Big Picture: Using Images to Understand Students' Approaches to the Research Process
    Ann Medaille and Molly Beisler - amedaille@unr.edu
  5. Turn up the volume on Tweens & Teens!
    Nicole Thomas - nthomas@hendersonlibraries.com
  6. 3 R’s of career rebranding: Renew, reuse, and recycle.
    Holly Rick, PhD and Melissa McCartney, Ed.D - Holly.Rick@phoenix.edu
  7. Are You Ready to Get Involved at the International Level? Then Crank it Up!
    Danielle De Jager-Loftus - dloftus@usd.edu
  8. Creating Nevada Name Authorities for Unique Nevada Materials.
    Dana Miller, Linda Perry, Amy Hunsaker - danamiller@unr.edu
  9. Enhancing Collaboration: Assessing and Designing Group Study Spaces
    Molly Beisler and Ann Medaille - abeisler@unr.edu
  10. Let our Powers Combine
    Jake Rundle - jake@hastingslibrary.us
  11. Sounding Off! Helping Patrons Find Their Voice through Film and Sound Recording
    Adriane Herrick Juarez, Angela Dohanos-Arreche, Becca Lael, Christine Roh, Kate Mapp, Katrina Kmak - adriane.juarez@parkcity.org
  12. Continuing Education: Library Certification Program - An overview of the Library Certification Program through UNR
    Corinne Dickman - cdickman@washoecounty.us – Washoe County Library

STEM Kits - To Go, Please! - Wednesday – A-2 – 1:30-2:30
Join Mayville State University and New Mexico State Library to learn about creating, cataloging, and circulating ready-made programming kits to teachers, education students, or public libraries. These kits allow for active or passive programming and set the stage for innovative collaboration between organizations.
Deanne Dekle and Aubrey Madler - aubrey.madler@mayvillestate.edu – Mayville, North Dakota

It Never Hurts to Ask! Tuesday – D – 1:30-2:30
Join this workshop to learn tips on asking for donations, relationship building, how to tell your need, and asking styles. Attendees will actively participate in role playing the “ask” and learn that it doesn’t hurt.
Tammy Sayles - tsayles@ppld.org – Pikes Peak Library District

Part One - Local Library Organization is Valley Forged - Wednesday – B - 1:30-2:30
Creating a Library Community that Serves and Grows. Librarians in Idaho and Utah’s Cache Valley are overcoming geographic isolation through the creation of a local organization that brings library workers and community members together for collaboration, play, continued learning, and colletive support. In this session, attendees will learn about this organization’s origin and growth, as well as join in a discussion about how creating a local organization can help support and meet a community’s unique needs in different ways.
Anne Hedrich, Dory Cochran, Pul Daybell, Joseph Anderson, Liz Woolcott, and Robert Shupe - anne.hedrich@usu.edu - Utah State University

Part Two - Sharing eBooks Across Your Community - Wednesday – B - 1:30-2:30
The Pew Research Center has reported that 85% of Americans want their libraries to work more closely with local schools. Sharing digital resources across the community has demonstrable impact and is a progressive step toward meeting this goal.
Carolyn Morris - carolynmorris@baker-taylor.com

Wednesday, 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm

Part One - Solve the Riddles, Crack the Codes, Unlock the Candy! - Wednesday – B – 2:45-3:45
Do you love puzzles, games, and scavenger hunts? Attend this session to try and break into a treasure chest full of goodies and learn how to run a break-in box program at your library.
Eric Stroshane, Mary Soucie - estroshane@nd.gov – North Dakota State Library

MPLA Leadership Institute: What is it and What are its Benefits? Wednesday – A-2 – 2:45-3:45
Join MPLA's Leadership Institute Coordinator and a panel of alums as they describe what the Institute did for them and their libraries. They will also offer words of wisdom for those considering applying or who have applied for the 2018 event. Aubrey Madler (moderator) - aubrey.madler@mayvillestate.edu

Turn down for what? Mental Health! – Wednesday – A-1 – 2:45-3:45
As spaces where students often express much of their school-related stress, it's vital for academic libraries to partner with student health organizations on their campuses to educate their students about mental health and the steps they can take to relieve both personal and academic stress. In this session, I will show how my library has created a symbiotic partnership with our Student Health Center that allows us to advocate together for the mental health of our students and to engage those students through education on maintaining their mental well-being.
Faith Bradham - Faith.bradham@bakersfieldcollege.edu – Bakersfield College

Community Connections: Unique Outreach & Collaboration Opportunities – Wednesday – C – 2:45-3:45
This presentation will talk about the different/unique outreach and collaboration efforts one library has experienced with much success.
Chrissy Klenke – cklenke@unr.edu – University of Nevada Ren

Comics, Censorship, & You – Wednesday – D – 2:45-3:45
We kick off with a look at the history of comics & censorship, move into issues of collection development, current issues for libraries and educators, and wrap up with what to do if materials are challenged in your school, library, or branch.
Katherine Keller - katherine.keller@unlv.edu – University of Nevada Las Vegas

Wednesday, 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Washoe County Library Board of Trustees Meeting – Wednesday – 4:15

Closing Keynote Speaker (tentative)
John MacLeod, Executive Director at New Media Learning, virtual reality education expert – Wednesday – 4:15 – 5:15

Nevada Library Association

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