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Nevada Library Association Handbook

Board of Trustees

Appointed Officers & Standing Committees

Annual Meeting Committee Chairperson

NLA has held an annual meeting since its beginning in 1946, if one counts the organizational meeting of the small group of six librarians known as the "Committee to organize a Nevada Library Association." The location of meetings changes each year, moving around the state, and varies from large to small towns, from north to south, etc. During its formative years the group was so small that, apparently, the President of NLA also served as convention chair. Joint conferences have been held with other organizations (1967, 1978, 1985 and 1994). The 1996 conference in Laughlin was highlighted by a reunion and remembrance of many NLA leaders and members during the past 50 years.

  • 1st conference, 1946 in Reno
  • 2nd conference, 1947 in Reno
  • 3rd conference, 1948 in Reno
  • 4th conference, 1949 in Reno
  • 5th conference, 1950 in Las Vegas
  • 6th conference, 1951 in Carson City
  • 7th conference, 1952 in Las Vegas
  • 8th conference, 1953 in Reno
  • 9th conference, 1954 in Las Vegas
  • 10th conference, 1955 in Carson City
  • 11th conference, 1956 in Ely
  • 12th conference, 1957 in Henderson, Lydia Malcolm, Henderson District Public Libraries
  • 13th conference, 1958 in Elko, Marguerite Evans, Elko County High School, Theme: Gearing For Action
  • 14th conference, 1959 in Reno, Russ Storm, University of Nevada, Theme: A Closer Look
  • 15th conference, 1960 in Las Vegas, Jerry Dye, Nevada State Library, Theme: Standards of Service
  • 16th conference, 1961 in Winnemucca, Lois Craver, Albert M. Lowry High School, Theme: Library Building Blocks
  • 17th conference, 1962 in Reno, Mrs. Waldo B. McLeod, Theme: Stay Informed
  • 18th conference, 1963 in Las Vegas, Betty Porray, Ruby Thomas Elementary School, Theme: The Library At Work
  • 19th conference, 1964 in South Shore, Lake Tahoe, Harold G. Morehouse, University of Nevada, Theme: The Nevada Centennial
  • 20th conference, 1964 in Tonopah, Portia Griswold, University of Nevada
  • 21st conference, 1966 in Ely, Billie Mae Polson, Nevada Southern University, Theme: Coordinated Library Service for Nevada
  • 22nd conference, 1967 in Las Vegas, Harold Erickson, Nevada Southern University
    (Joint meeting with Nev. Educational Media Assoc.), Theme: Revolution in Libraries Management, Organization, and Service
  • 23rd conference, 1968 in Fallon, Dora Witt, Churchill Co. Library, Theme: On Target - Total Library Service for Nevada
  • 24th conference, 1969 in Winnemucca, Nora Roberts, Theme: The Challenge of Intellectual Freedom
  • 25th conference, 1970 in Sparks, Hazel Potter, Sparks High School, Theme: Blueprint of Creative Library Development
  • 26th conference, 1971 in Elko, Hailie Gunn, Elko County Library, Theme: The In Thing Is Out-Reach
  • 27th conference, 1972 in Las Vegas, Mildred Hoen, Linda Davis, Las Vegas Public Library,
    Theme: On Target With Total Library Service
  • 28th conference, 1973 in Carson City, Janice Goodhue, Nevada State Library Virginia Rule, Ormsby Public Library, Theme: Multia Media, All Systems Go!
  • 29th conference, 1974 in Tonopah, Harold Morehouse, University of Nevada, Reno, Theme: Hustlin' History
  • 30th conference, 1975 in Sparks, Wally Kurtz, Washoe County School Dist., Theme: Be Community Wise-Improvise
  • 31st conference, 1976 in Las Vegas, Charles Hunsberger, Clark County Library District
  • 32nd conference, 1977 in Ely, Robert Clark, White Pine Co. Library& Dorothy Rice, University of Nevada, Reno, Theme: People Power
  • 33rd conference, 1978 in Stateline, Yvonne Saddler, Douglas County Library (Joint Conference with Mountain Plains Library Association), Theme: Tahoe II-The Widening Circle
  • 34th conference, 1979 in Elko, Hailie Gunn, Elko County Library, Theme: Nevada's Libraries-Natural Resource
  • 35th conference, 1980 in Winnemucca, Sharon Allen
  • 36th conference, 1981 in Las Vegas, Charles Hunsberger
  • 37th conference, 1982 in Carson City, Joseph Anderson, Nevada State Library, Theme: Nevada Libraries-The Sound Of Power
  • 38th conference, 1983 in Reno, Charles Manley, Washoe County Library
  • 39th conference, 1984 in Ely, Bob Gray, White Pine County, Theme: Libraries & Learning: The Education Connection
  • 40th conference, 1985 in Las Vegas, Dean Covington (Joint conference with Mountain Plains Library Association), Theme: Libraries and The Learning Society
  • 41st conference, 1986 in Elko, Laura Oki, Mercedes Lostra, Elko County Library, Theme: Look Where We've Been and Where We're Going
  • 42nd conference, 1987 in Winnemucca, Sharon Allen, Humboldt County Library
  • 43rd conference, 1988 in Reno, Maria Otero-Boisvert, University of Nevada, Reno, Theme: Year Of The Library-Freedom To Read
  • 44th conference, 1989 in Boulder City, Carroll Gardner, Henderson Dist. Public Library, Theme: Nevada Libraries-Pure Gold
  • 45th conference, 1990 in Ely, Bonnie Buckley, Nevada State Library and Archives, Theme: Toward The 21st Century: Dawning Of A New Age
  • 46th conference, 1991 in Reno, Joyce C. Lee, Nevada State Library and Archives, Theme: Nevada Libraries: Priority One
  • 47th conference, 1992 in Las Vegas, Richard Lee, Las Vegas Clark County Library District Theme: Winning Team: Nevada Libraries
  • 48th conference, 1993 in Elko, Sara Jones, Elko County Library, Theme: Renew the Promise, Shape the Dream - NLA and Nevada's Libraries
  • 49th conference, 1994 in Incline Village, Lynn Ossolinski, Incline High School, Theme: Libraries: The Peak Experience, (Joint conference with Mountain Plains Library Association)
  • 50th conference, 1995 in Winnemucca, Sharon Allen, Humboldt County Library, Theme: From the Past to the Future Through Libraries
  • 51st conference, 1996 in Laughlin, Duncan R. McCoy, Boulder City Library, Theme: NLA Lights the Way--50 Years of Progress
  • 52nd conference, 1997 in Carson City, Sharon Honig-Bear, Washoe County Library
    Theme: All Roads Lead to Libraries
  • 53rd conference, 1998 in Las Vegas, Eileen Horn, Clark County School District Library Services, Julie Bailey, Teacher/Librarian Mojave High School, Theme: Connecting for Success
  • 54th conference, 1999 in Elko, Sue Kendall, Theme: Access for All: A Challenge for the Coming Millennium
  • 55th conference, 2000 in Henderson, Joan Vaughan, Henderson Libraries, Theme: Viva Lake Las Vegas
  • 56th conference, 2001 in Carson City, Dana Hines, CLAN Coordinator, Laura Oki, Elko, Lander, Eureka County Library System, Theme:The Lighter Side of Libraries
  • 63rd conference, 2008 in Las Vegas, Denise Gerdes, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District,Theme: Bridging the Gap @ Nevada Libraries
  • 64th conference, 2009 in Elko, Jeanette Hammons, Elko, Lander, Eureka County Library System, Theme: Responding to the Challege - Beyond All Limits
  • 65th conference, 2010 in Henderson, Arlene Caruso, Henderson Libraries, Theme: Nevada Libraries: Thinking Outside the Buck
  • 66th conference, 2011 in Carson City, Dana Hines, CLAN Coordinator. Theme: To Boldly Go Where No One has Gone Before
  • 67th conference, 2012 in Las Vegas, Alexandria McEwen, Las Vegas Clark-County Library District, Theme: Byte the Book
  • 68th conference, 2013 in Reno, Theme: Lighting the Way
  • Joint conference, 2014 in Las Vegas, joint with ALA National Conference
  • 69th conference, 2015 in Fallon, Theme: Shaping the Future
  • 70th conference, 2016 in Las Vegas, Theme: Libraries Transform
  • 71st conference, 2017 in Lake Tahoe, Theme: Turn Up the Sound
  • 72nd conference, 2018 in Las Vegas, Theme: Nevada Libraries are for Everyone
  • 73rd conference, 2019 in Reno, Theme: TBD

1. Terms of Office

a. The Annual Meeting Committee Chair is appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Trustees. This appointment is usually announced at the annual meeting prior to the year of service.
b. The Annual Meeting Committee Chair serves a term of one year, beginning on January 1st and appoints a minimum of three members to this committee.

2. Vacancy in Office

a. If the Chair of the Annual Meeting Committee is removed or resigns, the President shall appoint another chairperson, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, to serve out the remainder of the unexpired term.
b. The new Chair has the option of retaining members of the committee selected by the previous Chair, or he may appoint a new group of members to be the committee.

3. Removal from Office, Procedure

a. Petition signed by one-third of the members of the Board of Trustees is submitted to the President.
b. The President, within thirty days, conducts an election among the voting members of the Board of Trustees, with a two-thirds affirmative written vote.

The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to transact business and provide programs of general or specialized interest for members of NLA.

The purpose of the Annual Meeting Committee is to plan, organize and coordinate all activities at the meeting to insure the best possible scheduling and use of time, participants, guests, and exhibitors.

Personal members present at the Annual Meeting will constitute a quorum. A Parliamentarian will be appointed to assure that membership sessions are conducted properly, using the Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure as the authority.

The work of the Committee will be guided by the procedures in the Convention Handbook as published within the NLA Handbook.

The NLA President is expected to set the tone of the convention at which he/she presides. He/she may also select the theme, possibly based on goals determined jointly with the past President and President-Elect. However the convention chairperson may be asked to do both of the above plus assume responsibility for the planning. An early general outline of those plans and the selected theme are presented to the Executive Board at its midwinter meeting. Since the convention is the major activity of the organization, and it is the member's meeting, these plans should be favorably accepted by the Executive Board. Any major problems should be worked out very early in the year.

The Annual Meeting is normally held in the second week of October, depending upon availability of site. The exact time and place are determined by the Board of Trustees.

The Annual Meeting is open to members of NLA and to other registered participants.

The August issue of Nevada Libraries is the convention issue containing the programs, registration form, and other pertinent information. This issue has replaced the two separate mailings formerly used. The convention issue is given very wide distribution (usually to everyone listed in the Nevada Library Directory, all exhibitors, and a VIP guest list compiled by the chairperson based on suggestions from the president, the executive board, and the host librarian.) The convention issue (or written notice) shall be mailed early enough to be received at least thirty days in advance of each meeting.

The Annual Meeting Chair coordinates convention expenses with anticipated convention income.

The Board of Trustees allots to each Section and interest group a specific amount of money to use in planning a program of special interest to their group.

The Annual Meeting Chair also receives a budget for start-up expenses.

The Annual Meeting Chair approves all convention bills for payment and is responsible for turning over all bills and receipts to the NLA Treasurer.

Bills are paid from revenue from exhibitors' fees and registration fees.
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