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Nevada Library Association Handbook

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In the early years of the Nevada Library Association, this officer was called the historian. In 1965, Bob Schalau organized the archives and published a list of subject headings used. Since 1969, the officer has been called the archivist. In 1972, it was required that the archivist be a member of NLA.


  • 1955-1956, Virginia Hutchison
  • 1956-1957, Rosa I. King
  • 1957-1958, Mrs. Bert Lyman
  • 1958-1959, Amy Bilger
  • 1960-1962, vacant
  • 1962-1963, Rosa I. King
  • 1964-1965, Robert Schalau
  • 1966-1972, Fred C. Gale, State, County, and Municipal Archives
  • 1973-1974, Robert G. Armstrong, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 1974-1999, Ellen Guerricagoitia, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 2000-2017, Ian Campbell
  • 2017-Present, Katherine Rankin, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

1. The archivist maintains a library of records of the Nevada Library Association which will accurately reflect the organization and activity of this association since its formation. It is the goal of the archivist to maintain an orderly file of in-coming materials. A records management schedule will be established and followed. This library contains all official records of NLA, including minutes of all meetings, reports, photographs, tape recordings, publications and correspondence of officers, committees, sections, districts and interest groups. A retention schedule is maintained as established by a records management program.

2. The archivist routinely requests from all officers of NLA and its constituent groups, prior to their leaving office, copies of records, publications and other documents produced during their term of office, with the exception of those necessary to the on-going work of that office or group.

3. The NLA archives are housed at the University of Nevada, Reno, Special Collections & Archives in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center and are open to the inspection of all members of NLA. The archivist shall furnish, at cost, copies of any material requested from the archives.

4. Copies of all minutes, meeting announcements, information memos, newsletters and major correspondence which the archivist produces are to be sent to the executive secretary.

5. Upon leaving office, the archivist turns the archives over to the newly appointed archivist.
Nevada Library Association

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