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Nevada Library Association Handbook
General Information

General Policies and Dues


  1. All elected and appointed officers prepare a budget request for approval by the board in January.
  2. Travel and per diem rates, when approved, are reimbursed at the current state rates. Variaitons should be requested in advance, e.g., when conference hotel rates exceed this amount.
  3. Payment for NLA related expenses is normally made on a reimbursement basis. A copy of the reimbursement form is sent to all incoming officers who should make copies as needed.
  4. When reimbursement is requested, two copies of the reimbursement form plus receipts for all items are sent to the finance chairperson for approval, after which the request is forwarded to the treasurer for payment. Direct payment of bills may be made through the same procedure. Advancement of funds may also be requested but must be followed by a final report and receipts of all expenses.
  5. Only in an emergency should reimbursement and advancement requests be sent to the treasurer.
  6. All requests for payment must be received by the finance chair by December 31st so books may be closed and audited.
  7. Officers must not overspend approved budgets. If additional funds are needed, a formal request is made to the President who will review the request with the finance chair to determine if the request is within the officer's function and whether funds are available. Once reviewed the President will poll the board, with the help of the executive secretary, for approval.
  8. NLA is a nonprofit organization; however, since we are not considered a charitable or educational institution, the Association is subject to state and local sales tax.
  1. All officers, elected and appointed, must be members in good standing of the association. In addition, Delegates must also be members in good standing of the organization they are the delegate to in NLA's behalf.
  2. All officers, elected and appointed, must prepare an annual report detailing activities and expenditures and introducing the incoming officers. These reports must be sent to the executive secretary by December 1st, and are subsequently published in the Nevada Libraries.
  3. Copies of all agendas, meeting announcements, memos, reports, newsletters, and major correspondence are to be sent to the executive secretary by all officers and chairs.
  4. All records of the office still active must be turned over to the incoming officer by January 1st. Inactive records are sent to the Association's archivist.


  1. Requests for NLA stationery are made to the executive secretary.
  2. The official address of the Association is in care of the Nevada State Library and Archives although there is no requirement that the address be used for all NLA business.
  3. Membership labels are available from the chairperson of the Membership committee. (Allow two weeks for delivery.)
  4. NLA's bulk mailing permit may be used by any unit of NLA, providing that there are at least 200 pieces. They need to have the University of Nevada as the return address and are labeled with the following:

Bulk Rate
U.S. Postage
Las Vegas, Nevada
Permit No. 200

Copies of the Association's roster, bylaws, and handbook are kept up-to-date by the executive secretary and are available upon request to the membership. Incoming officers receive these materials prior to taking office.


Membership dues entitle you to one year of active membership from the date of payment. Your membership dues entitle you to join one district, one section and an unlimited number of interest groups. Those paying "NYRA Only" dues will be restricted to NYRA activities alone within NLA.



NCRL (Nevada College & Research Libraries)
NSCLS (Nevada School & Children's Librarians)
PLATO (Public Libraries & Trustees' Organization)

Interest Groups:   
ACTION (All Classifications Teamed In One Network)
CAPTAIN (Collections, Automation, Preservation, Technical Services & Acquistion in Nevada)
GODIG (Government Documents Interest Group)
NNAG (Nevada Networking & Automation Group)
NYRA (Nevada Young Readers' Award)
RAISON (Reference & Information Searchers in Nevada)
REAL (Retired Employees All Libraries)
SSRP (Statewide Summer Reading Program) 

Annual dues are:

First year members $25

Friends, retirees, NYRA Only, students and trustees $20
Salary under $20,000   $30
$20,001 - $30,000 $40
$30,001 - $40,000 $50
$40,001 - $50,000 $60
$50,001 and up $70
Institution $70

NLA members may join the California Library Association for an additional $25.
This is a supporting member rate. Supporting Membership benefits are as follows:

  • access to the "member only" areas of CLA's website
  • discounted registration rates at the Annual Conference
  • subscription to CLA's biannual print magazine Clarion
  • subscription to CLA's monthly e-newsletter California Libraries
Nevada Library Association

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