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Nevada Library Association Handbook

Board of Trustees
Appointed Officers & Standing Committees

Library Planning Committee 

An ad-hoc library development committee was first established in 1961, at the request of the state librarian. In 1963, a special public library development committee was formed. Its activities were reported as being instrumental in creating the Nevada Council on Libraries. Then for several years no such committee is recorded. In 1968, a library development committee was reestablished, again at the request of the state librarian.

Library development became library services with the passage of the bylaws package in 1972. Its purpose was to review the activities of NLA and its constituent groups and to make any appropriate program recommendations. In 1976, there was considerable discussion as to the purpose of the committee, and it has been reorganized several times since. The January 1977 board meeting set the committee at a membership of ten to meet four times a year. Subsequent budgets were unable to support this requirement; consequently, in January, 1979, the board of trustees approved the recommendations to begin an action program for implementing the recommendations of the Governor's Conference held in November, 1978. They also approved the recommendation that the committee be small, composed of the past, present, and future presidents, of the association plus chair of the Nevada State Advisory Council on Libraries, and a chair appointed by the current president.


  • 1973, Yvonne Saddler
  • 1974, Phyllis Dalton
  • 1975, Yvonne Saddler, Douglas County Public Library
  • 1976, Virginia Rule, Ormsby Public Library
  • 1977-1980, Thomas Hollis, Henderson District Public Library
  • 1979-1980, Harold H.J. Erickson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • 1981, Ann Langevin, Clark County Library District
  • 1982, Joan Kerschner, Nevada State Library
  • 1983, Susan Southwick, Supreme Court Library
  • 1986, Tom Corollo, Museum & Historical Society
  • 1987, Bill Strader, Nevada State Library and Archives
  • 1988, Carol Parkhurst, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 1989-1990, Harold Morehouse, University of Nevada, Reno
  • 1991, Laura Golod, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District
  • 1992, Joyce C. Lee, Nevada State Library and Archives
  • 1993-1995, Bonnie Buckley, Nevada State Library and Archives
  • 1996-1999, Chuck Manley, Washoe County Library
  • 2003, Lorin Lindsay, Truckee Meadows Community College
  • 2004, Nancy Ledeboer, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District
  • 2005, Holly Van Valkenburgh, Nevada State Library and Archives
  • 2006-2008, Karen Starr, Nevada State Library and Archives
  • 2009-present, inactive

On behalf of the association, the library planning committee encourages and promotes the growth and development of Nevada libraries.

1. The chairperson interprets the instructions of the board of trustees to the committee.

2. The chairperson supervises the work of the committee in fulfilling its responsibilities.

3. The duties of the library planning committee should include but not be limited to:

a. Developing a written plan assigning the recommendations of the Governor's Conference, with a time frame, to the appropriate committees or constituent groups for action;

b. Monitoring the various committees throughout the year to make certain that action is resulting;

c. Lending advice and technical assistance in such areas as grant writing;

d. Representing NLA to any group which undertakes to create a master plan for libraries, with standards, goals, and evaluation;

e. Continues to act as liaison with the Nevada State Advisory Council on Libraries;

f. Creates future scenarios (Delphi technique);

g. Suggesting projects to be undertaken by the president-elect, the president, and past president to be completed and available to the membership in some format (written or oral presentation) at the annual meeting.

h. Meets at least twice a year concurrent with the meetings of the Nevada State Advisory Council on Libraries and the meetings of the Nevada Library Association board of trustees.

Nevada Library Association

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