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Nevada Library Association Handbook

General Information
Master Calendar


  • Officers take office (except delegates).
  • President meets with Library Planning Committee to set goals and priorities for the year.
  • President with the executive secretary sets date, place and agenda for January midwinter board of trustees meeting.
  • The outgoing treasurer transfers bank books and assists incoming treasurer in change of authorized checkbook signatures.
  • Delinquent members notified that they are being dropped from the NLA mailing lists.
  • ALA delegate attends the ALA midwinter conference.
  • NLA board of trustees meeting.
  • Annual reports sent to Nevada Libraries editor for publication.
  • Minutes submitted to Nevada Libraries editor for publication.
  • Budget reviewed and approved.


  • The treasurer submits NLA financial records to auditor for annual audit and preparation of income tax report.
  • Selected library journals informed of next NLA annual meeting.
  • Annual reports published in Nevada Libraries.
  • Government Relations Chairperson monitors Legislature, when in session.
  • Finance Committee distributes copy of approved budget to all officers and committee chairs.


  • The treasurer submits quarterly financial report to board of trustees.
  • January-March issue of Nevada Libraries published.


  • National Library Week.
  • President-elect works with President to select speaker and make arrangements to attend NLA/CLA dinner.
  • Board of trustees meeting minutes published in Nevada Libraries.
  • President works with Annual Convention chairperson to set convention place.


  • MPLA delegate attends MPLA Executive board meeting.
  • The treasurer sets up records to receive convention exhibitor fees for upcoming NLA annual convention.


  • Awards and call for nominations for NLA offices published in Nevada Libraries by the chairpersonsof these committees.
  • Awards chairperson at the same time sends each district chairperson the criteria for awards and asks that they submit nominations.
  • The treasurer submits quarterly financial report to board of trustees.
  • April-June issue of Nevada Libraries published


  • ALA delegate attends the ALA annual conference.


  • Pre-conference information, membership form, proposed amendments to the bylaws and slate of candidates published in the Nevada Libraries.
  • President works with Executive Secretary to set agenda for membership meetings and board of trustee meetings to be held at annual conference.
  • Nominations for awards submitted by chairpersonsof committees must be submitted 45 days prior to conference.
  • The treasurer sets up records to receive convention registration fees (including luncheons, workshops, membership, etc.) for upcoming NLA annual convention.
  • Last chance to renew NLA membership for current year


  • The treasurer submits quarterly financial report to board of trustees.
  • Constituent groups notify executive secretary of results of elections.
  • July-September issue of Nevada Libraries published


  • NLA annual meeting and board of trustees meetings.
  • Districts elect members for nominating committee and announce their names at the annual conference.
  • Election committee chairperson receives slate of candidates from the nominating committee chairperson before the end of the annual meeting along with nomination consent forms.
  • The treasurer attends NLA annual convention and schedules time at the registration desk to assist with the collection of fees and to pay convention expenses.
  • Constituent groups sponsor programs.
  • President-elect presents slate of candidates to the board for approval.
  • Elections chairperson prepares and mails ballots.


  • Elections Committee counts ballots and notifies executive secretary of results of election.
  • Election results are submitted for publication in the Nevada Libraries.
  • Executive secretary sends NLA handbook, bylaws and calendar to all in-coming officers.
  • Minutes of board meeting sent to Nevada Libraries for publication.
  • Executive secretary compiles and distributes a list of incoming officers.
  • Archivist requests all officers of NLA to deposit any records or documents no longer necessary to the archives.
  • President-elect attends NLA/CLA dinner.


  • Budget request forms and instructions distributed to all officers.
  • All incoming officers and committee chairpersons submit budget requests to the Finance chairperson.
  • Finance Committee meets to prepare draft budget for January board meeting and distributes prior to January board meeting.
  • President-elect finalizes the slate of committee chairpersons for upcoming year as president.
  • Chairpersons appoint committees.
  • The treasurer submits NLA financial report to board of trustees.
  • Annual reports submitted to the executive secretary.
  • Certificate of board of trustees membership filed with Secretary of State.
  • Finance chairperson requests budgets from officers.
  • In-coming officers submit budget requests to finance chair.
  • President-elect works with finance chairperson to prepare draft budget.
  • Out-going officers submit annual reports to executive secretary.
  • Executive secretary forwards copies of annual reports to Nevada Libraries editor.
  • Out-going officers send dated documents to archivist.
  • October-December issue of Nevada Libraries published.
Nevada Library Association

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