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Nevada Library Association Handbook

Board of Trustees
Executive Officers


For a time prior to 1971, the president served a two-year term which ultimately meant a six-year involvement as an executive officer of the Nevada Library Association. The reorganization, which took place early in the 1970's, changed the terms of president-elect, president and past-president to the present one-year term. Most presidents have served before and after their term in various other positions within the association and Nevada libraries, with one president having served two terms a decade apart.

The President provides leadership in conducting the Association’s business and is the official spokesperson of the Association.

Presidents of NLA

  • 1946, Edwin Castagna, WCL
  • 1947, E.C.D. Marriage, NSL
  • 1948, Marco Thorne, WCL
  • 1949, Arlene DeRuff Fiori, Reno H.S.
  • 1950, Darrell Cain, WCL
  • 1951, Reba McKinster, LVPL
  • 1952, Fred Stephen, WCL
  • 1953, Lydia Malcolm, Henderson PL
  • 1954, Jean Chism, WCL or STEAD AFB
  • 1955, Joseph F. Shubert, NSL
  • 1956, James H. Hill, UNR
  • 1957, Constance C. Collins, NSL
  • 1958, Doris Marinez, NSL
  • 1959, Mildred J. Heyer, NSL or John S. Park School LV
  • 1960, Jerry W. Dye, Nevada Southern
  • 1961, Stanley E. Adams, NSL
  • 1962, Dorothy Dalton, Elko Co. Library (?)
  • 1963-1965, David W. Heron, UNR
  • 1965-1966, Betty Porray (resigned mid-term; Morehouse completed before beginning his elective term)
  • 1966-1969, Harold G. Morehouse, UNR
  • 1969-1971, Elizabeth Johnson
  • 1971-1973, Billie Mae Polson, UNLV
  • 1974, Jack Gardner
  • 1975, Larry Crandall, WNCC
  • 1976, Yvonne Saddler, Douglas County
  • 1977, Joyce Ball, UNR
  • 1978, Bob Anderl, UNLV
  • 1979, Ann Thompson, CCLD
  • 1980, Joan Kerschner, NSL
  • 1981, Martha Gould, Washoe County
  • 1982, Dean Allen, Southern Nevada Vocational Technical Center
  • 1983, Mary Sue Ferrell, WNCC
  • 1984, Gretchen Billow, WNCC
  • 1985, Billie Mae Polson, UNLV
  • 1986, Anne E. Hawkins, Washoe County
  • 1987, Carol Madsen, Elko County
  • 1988, Danna Sturm, Douglas County
  • 1989, Charles Manley, Washoe County
  • 1990, Lynn Ossolinski, Incline High School
  • 1991, Danny Lee, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District
  • 1992, Leona Wright, Washoe County Library
  • 1993, Wendy Starkweather, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • 1994, Gary Avent, Elko County Library
  • 1995, Karen Albrethsen, Spring Creek Elementary, Elko
  • 1996, Duncan R. McCoy, Boulder City Library
  • 1997, Sally Kinsey, Washoe County Library
  • 1998, Frankie Lukasko, Washoe County School District
  • 1999, Bonnie Buckley, Nevada State Library and Archives
  • 2000, Sara Jones, Elko-Lander-Eureka County Library
  • 2001, Susan Graf, Nevada State Library and Archives
  • 2002, Tom Fay, Henderson Libraries
  • 2003, Holly Van Valkenburgh, NSLA
  • 2004, Felton Thomas, LVCCLD
  • 2005, Ian Campbell, Washoe County
  • 2006, Kim Clanton-Green, LVCCLD
  • 2007, Debbie Jacobs, Washoe County School District, Clayton Middle School
  • 2008, Denise Gerdes, LVCCLD, West Charleston Library
  • 2009, Jeanette Hammons, Elko County Library
  • 2010, Joan Vaughan, Henderson Libraries
  • 2011, Barbara Mathews, Churchill County Library
  • 2012, Robbie DeBuff, Las Vegas Clark County Library District
  • 2013, John Crockett, Washoe County Library System
  • 2014, Ann-Marie White, Las Vegas Clark County Library District
  • 2015, Carol Lloyd, Churchill County Library
  • 2016, Scott Clonan, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District
  • 2017, Amy Dodson, Douglas County Library District
  • 2018, Soraya Silverman-Montano, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District
  • 2019, Jeff Scott, Washoe County Library System
  • 2020, Forrest Lewis. North Las Vegas District
  • 2021, Tod Colegrove, Carson City Library
  • 2022, Marcie Smedley, Henderson Libraries
  • 2023, Tammy Douglass-Westergard, Nevada Governors Office of Economic Development
  1. The president selects a theme for the conference and for the year. The theme should direct the energies of the association for that year. This theme may be conveyed to the total membership through the Nevada Libraries, at meetings, through committee chairpersons and at conference.
  2. The president represents the association before the other groups and organizations in the State or designates a representative.
  3. The president directs the operation of the association, its projects, meetings and professional responsibilities under the guidelines established by the bylaws, according to the wishes of the membership and with the advice and consent of the board of trustees.
  4. With the assistance of the executive secretary, the president polls the board of trustees between board of trustees' meetings on matters requiring their approval.
  5. In a legislative year the president registers as a lobbyist and testifies before legislative committees, commissions and boards. During the legislative interim, the president works with the Government Relations chairperson to organize the lobbying effort.
  6. The president works with the Library Planning Committee to set goals and priorities for the year.
  7. The president calls for invitations to host the NLA annual meeting.
  8. The president receives requests for additional funds from any unit of the association. Such requests must receive the approval of the board of trustees.
  9. The president works with the Awards chairperson and committee to ensure that nominees for Awards qualify and are chosen.
  10. The president, along with the president-elect and the past president should prepare a project for the coming year which will when completed, represent an accomplishment for the association. A presentation will be made at the annual meeting.
  11. The president maintains continuous input to official association publications, particularly the Nevada Libraries, to keep the membership informed.
  12. Upon leaving office, the president determines which documents are no longer relevant to the current work of the office and turns such documents over to the archivist. All remaining official documents are turned over to the president-elect.
  13. The president submits an annual report to the executive secretary in December. This report includes the name of the incoming president, a review of events and accomplishments and expenditures.
  14. The president works with the executive secretary to set the date, place and agenda for the midwinter board of trustees meeting. This meeting customarily takes place at the annual meeting site. (The president may designate an alternate site based on budget constraints or difficulty on holding the meeting at the upcoming conference site.)
  15. The president presides at all meetings of the association and the board of trustees.
  16. The president, in consultation with the executive officers, committee chairpersons and any others, shall prepare the agenda for the board of trustees meetings and any special meetings of the association.

    1. A budget request form, which also requires program justification is sent to each officer early in December. A copy of the previous year's original budget request and the final approved amount is also sent. The president includes the following in the office's budget:

Travel and per diem


President's program costs

Copying expenses

President's Reception if appropriate to conference plans

Telephone expenses

Cost of midwinter board meeting, which may include a
catered lunch for the board


2. The president works with the finance committee prior to the January board of trustees meeting to create a budget for the association which is then presented at the midwinter board of trustees meeting by the chairperson of the finance committee. The budget is reviewed and approved by the board.

1. The president appoints NLA members in good standing, with the approval of the board of trustees, to the following offices and committees:

Editor (the president solicits a recommendation from the publications committee to fill this position)

Annual Meeting

Library Planning




Personnel Development

Finance Publications

Government Relations

Intellectual Freedom

Publicity Awards

Young Readers' Award  

National Library Week

2. The president appoints NLA members in good standing, with the approval of the board of trustees to any special committees.


Revised at the 10/8/10 Board Meeting

Nevada Library Association

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