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Nevada Library Association Handbook

Board of Trustees
Appointed Officers & Standing Committees


Nominating Committee


The structure of the nominating committee has always been defined by the Nevada Library Association bylaws. In early years the members were appointed by the president, and each had to be from a different county. The next method for creating the nominating committee, based on appointments by the district chairs, was introduced in the 1972 bylaws. In 2012, the Nominating Committee was collapsed into one position as an appointed officer since the tradition of appointments by district chairs was no longer practiced.


The purpose of the Nominations Chair is to contact NLA members who would consider being candidates and to present nominations for elective offices for the annual election. The Nominations Chair should try to get a balanced slate of candidates from all over the state.

1. It is recommended that the Nominations Chair work closely with the three District Chairs throughout the calendar year in order to have a slate of nominees and calls for additional nominations from the floor by the last general session of the annual meeting.

2. Nominees are required for the following:
A president-elect is elected each year. Either an executive secretary or a treasurer is elected each year. The MPLA delegate is elected every two years in even numbered years. The ALA delegate is elected every four years. The membership as a whole elects the president-elect, the executive secretary, the treasurer, the finance chair, and the MPLA delegate. Only members of ALA may vote for the ALA delegate.

3. The Nominations Chair consults the executive secretary with regard to the offices to be filled for that year.

4. For each elective office to be filled in a regular election, the Nominations Chair will:

a. List offices open in the May Nevada Libraries with a form which can be used for sending in suggestions;

b. Select at least one candidate who is a personal member of NLA and verify the candidates' eligibility with the membership chairperson;

c. Obtain Nomination Consent forms or the equivalent from each candidate;

d. Submit the slate of candidates and written report to the NLA membership through publication in an issue of the Nevada Libraries distributed at least thirty days before the annual meeting;

e. Present the candidates to the membership at the annual meeting, at which time additional nominations may be proposed by the NLA membership. The nominating committee will incorporate any nominations from the floor into its slate, obtain written consent forms, and verify that all candidates have renewed their membership in NLA.

f. Present the slate of candidates to the elections committee before the close of the annual meeting.

5. Special elections:

a. In the event of a special election, the Nominations Chair, working with the District Chairs and the NLA President, selects at least two candidates for each office who are personal members of NLA, verifying this with the membership committee chairperson. NLA members or members of the organization with whom NLA is affiliated should be polled for suggestions if possible.

b. Nomination Consent forms or the equivalent are obtained from each candidate.

c. The resulting slate is forwarded to the elections committee.

1. The Nominations Chair must be appointed by the President-Elect by December 31 of the year prior.

2. The Nominations Chair or his/her designee attends the NLA annual meeting to present the slate of candidates, incorporating additional nominations made from the floor, obtain the required Nomination Consent forms, and turn the completed slate of candidates over to the elections committee.

3. The Nominations Chair shall present a written report and slate of at least one candidate for each elective office to the membership at least thirty days before the annual meeting as stated in the NLA Bylaws and also report the slate of candidates at the NLA annual meeting.











You have been selected for a Nevada Library Association office by the NLA Nominations Chair. We must receive your written consent before your name can be placed on the slate of candidates.




I hereby consent for my name to be placed in nomination for the NLA office of ___________________________________________________________


I am current a member of NLA: __________ Yes or _______ No.





Please return this signed form to the Nominations Chair with a brief biographical sketch (100 words) of your professional credentials, experience, awards, previous offices, etc.; and a short statement (50 words) about what you hope to accomplish or contribute to the office.



Nominations Chair
(Include the address of the current chairperson)