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Nevada Library Association Handbook

Board of Trustees


Nevada School and Children Librarians' Section (NSCLS)


The Nevada Association of School Librarians was created as a section in 1958 by the NLA executive board, the first section to be so created. During its early years the section held several School Library Conferences, and prepared Standards For Library Instructional Materials Centers in Nevada.

In 1987 at the Annual convention in Winnemucca the Nevada Association of School Librarians and the Children's Library Association agreed to join together to strengthen their voice in NLA. From 1987-1990, the combined groups worked to rewrite their Rules of Procedure in order to combine their activities and resolve conflicts with the NLA Bylaws. In 1990 the new section was formalized into the Nevada School and Children Librarians' section of the NLA. NSCLS is associated with the American Association of School Librarians. The President of NSCLS must be a member of ALA/AASL to maintain eligibility to the Delegate Assembly.



This organization shall be known as the Nevada School and Children Librarians' Section of the Nevada Library Association hereinafter referred to as NSCLS. Its purpose shall be the promotion and fostering of the development of school libraries and children's services in the libraries in Nevada.

Any member of the Nevada Library Association may elect membership in the NSCLS section at the time of payment of the Association's annual dues by selecting the group on the membership application. If there is a fee set by the Association for membership in its sections such fees must be paid at that time to the Association.

SECTION 1. Officers of the NSCLS section shall be a chairperson, chairperson-elect, a secretary, and two councilors, each elected for a term of one year commencing January 1st following their election. The officers shall carry out the business of NSCLS between its meetings.

SECTION 2. Officers shall be elected at the same time and in the same manner as the Board of Trustees of the Association. (See NLA Bylaws Article 3, Section 3.)

SECTION 1. The annual meeting of the NSCLS shall be held at the time and place of the NLA's annual meeting. The NLA's annual meeting program shall list the place, date and time of NSCLS's annual meeting.

SECTION 2. Other meetings of the NSCLS shall be held at the call of the chairperson or at a request to the chairperson by five or more members of NSCLS. Notices of such meetings shall be mailed to each member of NSCLS and to the executive secretary of the NLA at least fourteen days before such meetings are to be held.

SECTION 3. The persons present at any duly called meeting shall constitute a quorum.

SECTION 1. The membership and business year of NSCLS shall be the same as that of the NLA.

SECTION 2. Newly elected officers of NSCLS shall prepare a budget request and submit it to the Finance Chair and Treasurer of the NLA in advance of the NLA Board of Trustees meeting for approval by the Board. (The Board meeting of the NLA takes place after January 1st when new officers take office.) The budget request shall be prepared in accordance with the Bylaws and the procedures of the NLA.

SECTION 3. Gifts and donations made to the NSCLS shall be deposited in the NSCLS account of the NLA. Such gifts and donations if not spent by the NSCLS in the business year received shall be carried over in the NSCLS account for the upcoming business year. Other funds approved by the Board of NLA for the use of NSCLS each business year, if not expended by NSCLS shall revert to NLA at the end of each business year. Requests to retain such funds must be made to the Board of the NLA at the close of each business year and will be considered along with new budget requests at the first meeting of the Board after January 1st.

SECTION 1. The chairperson shall appoint, with the approval of the NSCLS, such standing and special committees as are necessary to carry on the work of the NSCLS.

SECTION 2. Standing committees of NSCLS shall be awards, budget, membership, publicity, AASL affiliate assembly delegates, and Summer Reading Club Committee.

Amendments to these rules of procedure shall be made by three-fourths majority vote of the members of the NSCLS present at the annual meeting or a duly called meeting of the NSCLS. Notice and text of such amendments shall be mailed to each member of NSCLS and the executive secretary of NLA at least fourteen days before the meeting.

Members of the NSCLS who are officeholders in MPLA or AASL may apply to NSCLS for financial assistance in attending the conventions of these associations. It is the intention of the NSCLS to provide such individuals a minimum of $100 each to support such activities although the amount of money will be set on a first come first served basis from the amount available within the NSCLS account of NLA for the business year.