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Nevada Library Association Handbook

Board of Trustees
Appointed Officers & Standing Committees


Publications Committee


A publications committee was formed in 1964, with Ken Carpenter as chair. After 1965, however, the office fell vacant, and was eventually dropped from the list of NLA committees in 1969. In 1972, the committee (at first called the publications board) was reestablished to act as an advisory committee for all NLA publications, although it has attended mostly to the NLA newsletter. In 1977, the committee was organized to share the responsibilities of the editor, so that all the work of publishing the newsletter did not fall on one person. From 1991 to 2007, the individuals serving as publications committee chair also served as the Nevada Libraries editor. In 2003, the webmaster for the Nevada Library Association website was added to the Publications Committee. Starting in 2007, three members of the Publications Committee were appointed.


The purpose of the publications committee shall be to ensure that the Nevada Libraries is published, that the membership is periodically surveyed as to what other items should be published, and that needed items are published.

1. The chairperson interprets the instructions of the board of trustees to the committee.

2. The chairperson supervises the work of the committee in fulfilling its responsibilities.

3. The editor of the Nevada Libraries and its business manager shall be members of the publications committee, and the chairperson may appoint others by December 31st of each year. The composition of the committee is reported to the executive secretary.

4. The chairperson of the publications committee recommends to the president a candidate for editor for the year in which they will be working together.

5. The chairperson calls meetings of the committee as necessary.

6. The chairperson meets with the editor to discuss the budget request for the Nevada Libraries prior to submission.

7. The publications chairperson assists in the publication of the Nevada Libraries and plans and carries out publishing other materials approved by the Board.