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Nevada Library Association Handbook

Board of Trustees
Appointed Officers & Standing Committees


Recording Secretary


In 1971, the Nevada Library Association board of trustees voted to divide the office of secretary into an executive secretary and a recording secretary.


The purpose of the office of recording secretary is to be responsible for the minutes of all meetings of the NLA board of trustees and of the general membership of NLA.

1. The recording secretary attends all NLA board of trustees meetings and all meetings of the general membership, including those occurring during the annual meeting.

2. The recording secretary takes minutes at the meeting, and may use a tape recorder or dictaphone to record the proceedings. Such tapes may be used in preparing correct minutes, but are not kept as a permanent record.

3. Minutes must include the date, hour, and place at which the meeting was called to order, the names of the presiding officer and of those members of the board who are present. The minutes must record all motions or resolutions, whether passed or failed, with the name of the proposer, usually the name of the seconder, and the way in which each motion was disposed of. The number voting on each side is recorded. The statements of business transacted should be specific. Discussion and reports may be briefly summarized. The recording secretary's personal opinions, interpretations, or comments are not to be reflected in the minutes.

4. The minutes are transcribed and neatly typed within two weeks following the meeting. (Official NLA stationery may be obtained from the executive secretary.)

5. The typed minutes are then forwarded to the executive secretary for distribution.

6. The recording secretary also prepares a narrative summary of the meetings, and forwards the summary to the editor of the Nevada Libraries, with a copy to the executive secretary. This constitutes the annual report for this office.

1. The cost of the recording secretary's attendance at the midwinter board of trustees meeting is borne by the association; however, this cost is included with the board of trustee's budget, not the recording secretary's. Travel and per diem to attend the NLA annual meeting may not be requested. Local residents do not qualify for travel and per diem.