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Nevada Library Association Handbook

Table of Contents

A. Table of Contents
B. General Policies and Dues
C. Master Calendar
D. Articles of Incorporation
E. Bylaws
F. History

II. BOARD OF TRUSTEES (Elected Officers)


A. Executive Officers

  1. President
  2. President-Elect
  3. Past President
  4. Executive Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Finance Chair/Committee


B. Districts

  1. Northeast District
  2. Northwest District
  3. Southern District


C. Sections

  1. NCRL (Nevada College and Research Libraries)
  2. NSCLS (Nevada School and Children Librarians' Section)
  3. PLATO (Public Library and Trustee Organization)

D. Delegates

  1. ALA Delegate (American Library Association)
  2. MPLA Delegate (Mountain Plains Library Association)
  3. REFORMA Delegate (Services to Hispanic speaking populations)

A. ACTION (All Classifications Teamed In One Network) [Paraprofessionals]
B. CAPTAIN (Collections, Automation, Preservation, Technical Services & Acquisitions in Nevada)
B. GODIG (Government Documents Interest Group)
C. NNAG (Nevada Networking and Automation Group)
D. NYRA (Nevada Young Readers' Award)
E. RAISON (Reference and Information Searchers of Nevada Interest Group)

A. Annual Meeting Committee Chairperson
1. Convention Handbook
B. Archivist
C. Awards
D. Bylaws Committee
E. Editor (Nevada Libraries)
F. Elections Committee
1. Nomination Consent Form
G. Finance Committee
1. Reimbursement Form
H. Government Relations Committee
I. Intellectual Freedom Committee
1. Intellectual Freedom in Libraries: A Statement of Policy
2. Intellectual Freedom Policy Recommendations
3. Intellectual Freedom Policy Resolution
4. Resolution on Access to Library Materials and Services
J. Library Planning Committee
K. Membership Committee
1. Questions/Answers Regarding NLA Membership
L. Nominating Committee
1. Nomination Consent Form
M. Personnel Development Committee
N. Publications Committee
O. Publicity Committee
P. Recording Secretary



Nov. 1996
Golden Anniversary edition

Revised by G. LeGrande Fletcher
Bylaws Committee Chair 1995-96

Revised by Debbie Jacobs, Clayton Middle School
Bylaws Committee Chairperson 1998, 1999